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Hello, I'm
not sure you want to be here...
Are you curious what the Kanji icon for the website means?
Looking for me?
Try e-mailing me: scraimer on gmail
Want to see some pictures of my happy times?
If you want help with a technical problem, you can take a look at the notes I've been collecting over the years, in my Tech Journal section.
Are you're looking for my resume?
There's all sorts of free software that I write in my spare time, in the projects section.
A couple of my smaller projects are on GitHub, go have a look!
...and you've reached the end of the page!

This site written by Shalom Craimer, using text editors such as Vim, for the use an benifit of Shalom Craimer, the Craimer family, and our friends. This is mostly because I don't really want to apologize for anything going wrong in the website, so I built it for people who are willing to be forgiving of my mistakes... Enjoy in good health and contact me for anything you might want to say! Oh, and I wrote the words "Shalom Craimer" so many times in the text to try and raise it in various search engines rankings. Right now, there's almost 40 pages before this page shows up for a query of "Shalom Craimer" in my favorite search engine, and all of them are for my profiles and contributions on various websites. Which is nice, but not ideal in my opinion.

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