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Orbvious Interest (formerly "ChromeRIL") is a Read It Later extension for Google Chrome. This was something I felt was missing as soon as I started using Chrome instead of Firefox at work. Read It Later has always allowed me to continue my work-flow, uninterrupted by a shiny new website. Later, when I am home, I can read the stuff I marked at leisure.


Orbvious Interest in Google's extension gallery.

Get Involved:

The project is hosted on Google Code. You are welcome to contribute suggestions, feature requests, or bug reports. I'd be delighted if you download the source code to make your own improvements - anything really good will be integrated into the project!


See Version History on the Google Code site.


Shalom Craimer (that's me, by the way) did all the initial coding and graphics.

If you enjoy Orbvious Interest, and would like to show your support, I'd appreciate it if you could send some money to me. It really cheers me up, and keeps me adding features!

Development Contributions:

I feel that Orbvious Interest could not exist without its users, and so I thank you for using this extension! If you have any suggestions or error reports, you're most welcome to open an issue, and I'll fix it as soon as I can.

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