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After installing FastCGI, Apache fails to run!

Error message:

[error] FastCGI: can't create dynamic directory "/tmp/fcgi_ipc/dynamic":
access for server (uid -1, gid -1) failed: read not allowed

The reason the uid and gid are -1, is that at the point the FastCGI extension is loaded, apache still doesn't know what uid/gid it should use.

To Fix that, move the lines:

User apache
Group apache

to be before the LoadModule command that loads FastCGI

Don't forget to create the directory, with proper permissions:

$ mkdir  /tmp/fcgi_ipc/
$ chown apache.apache /tmp/fcgi_ipc/

[thanks to for pointing me in the right directions]

Last updated on 2007-08-19 23:58:50 -0700, by Shalom Craimer

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