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What does a Pidgin translator need to know, to work with monotone?

Actually, you don't really need to work with monotone to translate .po files, you can simply use to download the old .po file, and the newest .pot file, and when you finish translating, submit the .po file using a ticket. The following is just so you know how to use monotone.

  1. Download the bootstap DB:
  2. Unpack it:
    bzip2 -d
  3. If you are using monotone version 0.34 or above, you need to migrate it:
    mtn -d db migrate
  4. Sync the DB with the Pidgin monotone online:
    mtn -d pull im.pidgin.*
  5. Checkout a version of the code base into "workdir":
    mtn -d co -b im.pidgin.pidgin workdir
  6. The .po file is in workdir/po/
  7. The .pot file can be generated using
    intltool-update --pot
    in the workdir/po/ directory (thus says the README), or just download it from

To update only the workdir/po/ directory, enter it, and run the command:

mtn update

Once you're done, pack the .po file in some common compression format (GZip, PKZip, bzip, etc.) and  create a new ticket at attaching your translation file. Also, please provide your full name, a contact email address, and the language and country code for your translation.

Last updated on 2007-05-31 21:47:43 -0700, by Shalom Craimer

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