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I don't have any sound in some of the DivX AVIs, how do I fix this?

OK, it's probably because the audio is compressed using the WMA format (MS Audio). Nothing you can do about that, without the CODEC, right? (Don't you just love Catch-22s?)

The thing is, using the old DivX 3.11 CODEC, the sound works fine. So install that. But also install the DivX 4.02 CODEC, and when it asks you if you want it to play all 3.x media, press "no". You'll have full sound, and you'll be able to watch movies made using the DivX 4 CODEC. The only downside is that the 3.x decoder doesn't output video as pretty as the 4.x decoder does. That's it.

Last updated on 2001-11-01 14:00:00 -0700, by Shalom Craimer

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