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I have a 2" (laptop) IDE HD and the adapter to 50-pin IDE. Why doesn't it work?

Well, go through the usual IDE-connect-isn't-working voodoo. If that doesn't help, you might've come against the same mistake I found myself repeating. Most IDE drives have been putting pin-1 right next to the power, right? The more observent of you might note that the "pin 1 to power" rule isn't a rule when it comes to floppy drives. Basically, the same applies to the 2" HDs. Mine had pin-1 on the left, looking from the top (as is normal), but the power was connected to the last 2 pins (47-48? 49-50?) -- on the right side of the drive.

Last updated on 2001-11-09 14:00:00 -0700, by Shalom Craimer

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