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The OS (Windows/Linux/etc) keeps crashing in the middle with various I/O and memory errors!

One of the reasons for I/O errors in a computer is a problems with the IDE chipset this problem should be very familiar to users of motherboards holding VIA chipsets. (This is mostly because Windows has really no drivers for the VIA chipsets, and install the wrong drivers when it does.) So if you keep getting I/O errors, or having the Windows Setup complaining that the file copied to the HD don't match the origional setup files, the IDE chipset might be the cause. If that really is the reason, try turning off UDMA on all the drives.

Another possible cause might be partition errors. If between the time you create the partition and the time you install the files, the mode of the HD changes from LBA to LARGE or CHS (or between any two modes) - then the files might be written incorrectly. To fix this, force the HD mode to a mode that works (Usually this is LBA, but your milage may differ). Before even starting the setup.

The last possible cause I found, (which turned out to be the reason) was a corrupt memory stick. Try using MemTest86 to test your computer's memory. This might not be the cause for you, but what clued me in was that one of every dozen BSODs was a memory error.

Last updated on 2002-10-25 15:00:00 -0700, by Shalom Craimer

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