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How can I change the names of the Audio tracks and select a default one in an OGM file?

It's quite simple, you need to create another file with the same name, but with a mss extension. For example, if the OGM file is called movie.ogm then create a new text file named movie.mss with Notepad or some other text editor. If the first track is English, second is Japanese, and you want it to default to the Japanese, type the following in the file:


If you use Audio_def=0, MMSwitch will try and select the language matching the local language of the machine.

(This info from Morgan Media Switcher website). You may also use the Windows LCID. So you can use Audio_1=0x09 instead of Audio_1=English (these two are exactly equivelant.)

If you are using the wonderful Media Player Classic (by Gabest), you'll need to disable the built-in audio switcher (Options -> Filter -> Audio Switcher) and restart MPC. That should make it work.

One last thing: I think this also applies to MKV files, but I haven't tested it.

Last updated on 2004-12-25 14:00:00 -0700, by Shalom Craimer

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