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What are the playlist file formats for the Microsoft Windows Player?

Ext. Description
PLS Text playlist, one file per-line.
M3U Text playlist, one file per-line.
WMX XML Playlist. Windows Media playlist, for both video and audio.
WAX XML Playlist. Windows Audio playlist.
WVX XML Playlist. Windows Video playlist.

M3U is simply a one-line-one-filename list of files.

Pride and Prejudice 1.avi
Pride and Prejudice 2.avi
Pride and Prejudice 3.avi

PLS is a one-file-per-line, but every filename is prefixed by "FileN=" (where N is a number, not 0-padded).

File1=Pride and Prejudice 1.avi
File2=Pride and Prejudice 2.avi
File3=Pride and Prejudice 3.avi

WMX, WAX, and WVX are XML-playlists, like this:

<ASX version = "3.0">
<Entry><Ref href = "Pride and Prejudice 1.avi"/></Entry>
<Entry><Ref href = "Pride and Prejudice 2.avi"/></Entry>
<Entry><Ref href = "Pride and Prejudice 3.avi"/></Entry>
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