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While upgrading the linux kernel, I kept getting Unresolved symbols errors

While I was upgrading from 2.4 to 2.6, at the last stage, the make modules_install, I kept getting errors during the make, with the message Unresolved symbols for all kinds of modules.

The solution for that is to upgrade your module-init package (this is the package of all the module tools: modprobe, insmod, rmmod, depmod, etc.) to the newest available version, available from

Warning: Before actually installing the new versions, make a backup copy of your insmod, modprobe, rmmod, depmod. The Makefile that comes with the module-init package is supposed to rename all the old files to "name.old", to allow older kernels to continue to function on the same computer (since the new versions will call the .old versions.) -- but just in case it doesn't, it's good to have a backup.

Note: I believe that the configure script defaults to installing the files into /usr/local/sbin so if you want to change it (my dir was /sbin) you could try something like

./configure --prefix=

Which should install into /sbin. If you don't trust that, just move 'em manually from /usr/loca/sbin.

You can also use modprobe -c to output a list of the current modprobe configuration, which will output all the module aliases as well.

Last updated on 2005-07-29 14:00:00 -0700, by Shalom Craimer

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